Inspector Gache Update + News

There will be no Inspector Gache post this week. Why? Have I thrown in the crumb filled towel? Did I get squirrelled? Is the moon passing through Uranus leading to a blockage in my creative process? Am I just a lazy git? No! Well, yes to the last one but that is not the reason there is no post! Read on to find out more (or don’t, you do you!)

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Shaded Dragon Project (I need a new name)

This is a rambling news / update kind of post to try and give an idea of what it is I am going to try and do next year. This post comes after many discussions with many various people, and I think represents the beginning of my game plan. If you read this and have comments / questions / ideas, please do get in touch with me (Twitter and Discord links on this site). With all that out of the way, lets get into it, shall we?

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