Support Me?

Do you like I do and want to support me? Well I am sure you will have heard of all this before, but for what is worth I will tell you how you can support me! Let’s start with the free stuff first!

Share, Share, Share

The most important thing for me is discovery. The more people who read and like the more I can do with all of this stuff. So if you like something I do, tell people about it. Share the URL with everybody you know, follow me on Twitter (@policeofcake) and share my tweets or Facebook and like my posts! Ask everybody you know to follow / like me – well those who may like my stuff, anyway!

On the Twitch side I say the same – give me a follow and spread my page around. Every follow helps, every view helps, and every share helps.

One Off Support

Like what I do and feel like helping me out on a once off no strings attached basis? Have PayPal? Click the link and give me a donation over there. No recurring payments, no contract, no muss, no fuss. Just a little bit of support for me, and again every little helps!

I also have a ko-fi page where you can support me with a one off donation if you wish!

Recurring Support

Like what I do and want to help me on a recurring basis? If you are a Twitch user / viewer and want access to the worst emote on Twitch, you can subscribe to me over there (remember Amazon Prime gives you a free sub!)

Want to support the writing side or just offer more help, I have a Patreon now! The rewards are a little off and Twitch heavy right now, but more writing rewards are on the way (heck if you have any ideas please let me know!)

Just keep showing up!

Honestly I appreciate you just clicking on the link to try and support me, it means a lot! Money keeps the lights on and sharing gets more people here, but most important to me are the people who keep coming back, read / watch what I do! Leave me a comment or feedback? Even better!