The Shaded Dragon – A Brief History

The Shaded Dragon sits atop a large tree laden hill on the outskirts of the known kingdoms. It is not just one building, but rather a hodgepodge campus of buildings from various ages and cultures. The origins of the buildings are mainly lost to time and can only be spotted in the most fringe of folklore.

The origins of The Shaded Dragon are however much more clear cut. In a world inhabited by heroes there should be a place where they can go when they decide to hang up their armour for the last time. A paradise if you will, full of buxom wenches (and the studliest males), a large bar with the finest of ales on tap (and of course wine and other beverages!), and stuffed to the rafters with the best medical care these heroes deserve. It is believed that this version of The Shaded Dragon lasted only a few months, or more precisely until the first bill for running such a place was received by those picking up the tab. Continue reading “The Shaded Dragon – A Brief History”


We Are Almost Ready To Go

Hello again everyone! This is a post full of good news. We are almost ready to re-launch. In fact we are so close all the old posts will soon be bundled into a new area away from the main page! But before we set all engines into drive, I just want to clear a few things up.

Our new methodology for stories on this site follows a more TV approach in many ways. Before we were trying to add a new part every other workday, with no real plan or plot or method. We just wanted to get a post up, that was our main focus. This really didn’t work. One it was hard to do and two it meant there was little meat to tuck into.

Now we are going to post in episodes and run our stories in series. An episode will be a self contained story, but always in someway moving the main plot along. The main plot is The Shaded Dragon, and the mysteries that surround and are drawn to this building.

An episode will begin posting when the writing is finished and run on the every other workday schedule. It will run until it is done. The plan at the moment is to have a week or two break between episodes. The site will not be dead during those times, but I will go into that later on.

The first series is outlined with six episodes. Two have been written in near final form, one is drafted out and the rest are just outlined at this stage. Each episode will have no set post limit, it will simply have a story to tell.

We are hopeful we will begin posting Episode Zero next week. This will act as both an introduction to the setting, characters and world as well as a test of the posting system and times etc.

See you all soon!

A Long Awaited Update

Hello again. I know some of you are still out there wondering what is going on in the world of The Shaded Dragon. Well, believe it or not quite a lot. Let me explain.

You may (or may not) remember that when updates stopped is was due to a serial I wanted to have done so I could publish from start to finish. This is done, all done! However, while working on this with a few other people I realised that how I started the story here did not work for the new format. 

Well, to be more clear, it was because of Tess. The story I worked out that created The Shaded Dragon was the story of Tess, but the story of Tess is not the story of The Shaded Dragon. Brining her in was a mistake, as the story will concentrate on her for the short time she is there. This is wrong. 

What does this mean? I am rewriting the start. The few posts that already exist will become an archive of version 1. Version 2 will start anew and lead into the serial. Tess will be gone, ready to appear when her story is due to be told. This way I can introduce the staff and residents of The Shaded Dragon in a nice clean way, launch into the first serial and then prepare the second. Relationships will change, as will a few back stories. It is all for the best.

The first post will be up next week. It is about bloody time 🙂

An Apology From the Author

Hi everybody! This is just a quick post to say sorry for the delay in posts. After the roof of my house was destroyed, my internet going down, me being sick and then having to rush off to help with a last minute assignment, I have had little time to write.

The big adventure was meant to start today, but reading it back I don’t like it, at least as a serial updating overtime. It needs some work, and I am going to work on it.

It is coming, I promise. When it does the site will be updating every weekday to keep the story rolling.

Again, I am sorry, but normal service will be resumed as soon as possible 🙂