A letter from Matron to the Lope Institute

Dear Mr Lope

I hope this letter finds you well. I am afraid that given the distance between us, and the tumultuous relationship between our two nations, that I have never heard of the Lope Institute. However after conducting research I can see that your efforts are well respected and your institute held in the highest regards. It was on this basis that I did some research into Artex Rock and the madness it became known it gave. I must say some of the examples were horrific, and see Lime is mentioned in almost all of them. It must have been boon for your town when your mother stepped up and tried to help this poor hapless souls.

At first I was aghast that you could not find some workplaces closer to home to help with the rehabilitation of your recovering patients, but as I dwelled upon it I realised it must be harder to believe the madness can be cured the closer to it you were. Had I seen first hand some of the situations I discovered in my research, I am sure my only answer to your request would have been no. Continue reading “A letter from Matron to the Lope Institute”


Internal Memorandum from Dr Travis to Matron

Internal Memorandum – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Lope Institute
To Matron
From Dr Travis


As you know I spent many years trying to find a way to cure people afflicted with Mage Madness who had only ever mined the stone, as opposed to using it in earnest. You also know I never found such a cure.

During my travels I spent many years in Lime, as it was the biggest producer of Artex Stone during the peak of the Magic Madness. I do not know this Darius but did have a professional relationship with the boys mother, Abigail. She was a sweet young woman but was only truly blessed with money, not brains. Knowing what I know of genetics, minus the fact I do not the know the boys father, I am fairly confident that a cure has not been found. Continue reading “Internal Memorandum from Dr Travis to Matron”

Internal Memorandum from Matron to HR

Internal Memorandum – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Staffing Issues
To Abigail, HR Manager
From Matron


I have spoken to Dr Travis about his so called creepiness. Again I must stress he means nothing by it, he is just awkward around certain people. I am sorry he is making certain members of staff uncomfortable. I have asked him to try and work on this. In the mean time I ask that you try and schedule Dr Travis away from the staff who have issues with him. Continue reading “Internal Memorandum from Matron to HR”

Confidential Memo from Matron to Dr Travis

Confidential Memo – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Behaviour

To Doctor Travis

From Matron


I have received yet another complaint regarding your ‘creepiness’. Yet again I am not sure what this means. Although Abby doesn’t mention it per se I am pretty sure it will have something to do with your natural predefined ‘attraction’ to the younger, female, members of the staff.

I know you mean nothing by it and that you have your ‘attraction’ under control. However if I receive more complaints like this I will have to look into them in an official capacity which means all the reports will be sent to HQ. We both know certain people are still looking for you and that they will eventually come here to check on these reports. Please do whatever you can to stop creeping out the staff. Continue reading “Confidential Memo from Matron to Dr Travis”

Internal Memorandum from HR to Matron

Internal Memorandum – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Staffing Issues

To Matron

From Abigail, HR Manager


I am sad to say that yet again I must report that we have lost another good staff member to the wankers across the courtyard in the Golden Castle. I really don’t know what their game is, but we have to stop paying to train these people up just for those asshats to swoop in and reap the benefits. Continue reading “Internal Memorandum from HR to Matron”

A Letter to Matron of The Shaded Dragon

Dear Matron,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Darius Lope, of the Lope Institute, named after my mother Abigail, who founded the institute over fifty years ago. I am doubtful you would have heard of us, as we are still very small and based on the other side of the twenty oceans in the small town of Lime.

As I am sure you are aware Lime was one of the major towns that mined Artex Rock, or Mage Stone as it became popularly known. I am also sure you are aware of the increasing coverage and link between madness and exposure to Mage Stone. Continue reading “A Letter to Matron of The Shaded Dragon”

The Shaded Dragon – A Brief History

The Shaded Dragon sits atop a large tree laden hill on the outskirts of the known kingdoms. It is not just one building, but rather a hodgepodge campus of buildings from various ages and cultures. The origins of the buildings are mainly lost to time and can only be spotted in the most fringe of folklore.

The origins of The Shaded Dragon are however much more clear cut. In a world inhabited by heroes there should be a place where they can go when they decide to hang up their armour for the last time. A paradise if you will, full of buxom wenches (and the studliest males), a large bar with the finest of ales on tap (and of course wine and other beverages!), and stuffed to the rafters with the best medical care these heroes deserve. It is believed that this version of The Shaded Dragon lasted only a few months, or more precisely until the first bill for running such a place was received by those picking up the tab. Continue reading “The Shaded Dragon – A Brief History”