A Speech from a Paladin to the New Class

What a Paladin is has changed much over the years. Once we were mighty warriors of the Holy cause, champions of the Gods and those they blessed to walk among us as their Avatars. We all know how that turned out, and I am sure I do not need to explain why we are not that any more. While some Chapters of our Order still cling to the old ways and the ideals of the Gods, we true Paladins have moved on, stout in the belief that although the Gods and their Avatars were a lie, the Holy cause was not.

Well, not a Holy cause any longer. When the truth was revealed we were rightly reviled, the many kingdoms, empires and free peoples of this world unable to pick us apart from the Masters we once served. But we true Paladins saw what had happened and turned our might against those we had served and fought hard to save this world, and it was that action alone that allowed the Paladin Order to survive. If only was had turned earlier, but hindsight is a pointless endeavour and we must never wash away the sins we committed.Read More »