2019 Plans (Jan-Mar)

As I am very much in downtime and coming up with what I am hopeful 2019 will be, I thought I would take the time and write some of this down. This isn’t a resolution list (although losing weight will once again be on that one!), this is plans. Will these plans be a 100% set in stone? To begin with, yes, after that who knows. This will cover everything I am hoping to do, so if you want to know then read on!

Jan-Mar 2019

The first month will be the hardest. Money will be the constant issue here, and should funds run out then all bets and plans are off. But here is what I hope to achieve in the first 3 months

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Update and Apologies

First apologies. The Festive Period got a lot more expensive than I hoped so I had to pick up some video colour correction work. Sadly that meant the writing side had to be put on the back burner. That means Inspector Gache is on hold until the New Year, but there is more to know if you so wish!

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Inspector Gache Update + News

There will be no Inspector Gache post this week. Why? Have I thrown in the crumb filled towel? Did I get squirrelled? Is the moon passing through Uranus leading to a blockage in my creative process? Am I just a lazy git? No! Well, yes to the last one but that is not the reason there is no post! Read on to find out more (or don’t, you do you!)

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Shaded Dragon Project (I need a new name)

This is a rambling news / update kind of post to try and give an idea of what it is I am going to try and do next year. This post comes after many discussions with many various people, and I think represents the beginning of my game plan. If you read this and have comments / questions / ideas, please do get in touch with me (Twitter and Discord links on this site). With all that out of the way, lets get into it, shall we?

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