2019 Plans (Jan-Mar)

As I am very much in downtime and coming up with what I am hopeful 2019 will be, I thought I would take the time and write some of this down. This isn’t a resolution list (although losing weight will once again be on that one!), this is plans. Will these plans be a 100% set in stone? To begin with, yes, after that who knows. This will cover everything I am hoping to do, so if you want to know then read on!

Jan-Mar 2019

The first month will be the hardest. Money will be the constant issue here, and should funds run out then all bets and plans are off. But here is what I hope to achieve in the first 3 months


  • Dedicated VDSL Line – On the Twitch side this is priority one. It will mean I can up my bit rate a little (not a lot) but will guarantee the fluctuations get less. This is my main issue with the stream so it is something I want to do as soon as I can.
  • Emotes – The Emotes are a little wonky right now. Tier 2 and 3 need work and I intend to get someone working on them. Ideas welcome.
  • Times – The 2pm stream will eventually become 4 hours with two games played with a split. I have been attempting to do this anyway and getting there slowly. In addition I am hoping to add a very early morning stream to the schedule, TBD.
  • Dungeons and Dragons – I will keep on DM’ing this as long as people keep on turning up to play. Starting January 13 2019 we will be launching and playing a full campaign!

Inspector Gache

  • The Silver Tart – I need to finish this. I have been drafting it and am hopeful we will launch with a three post a week schedule starting mid Jan 2019.
  • Cake Shorts – Random stories based in Cake Stand City, planned to be one to two posts long.
  • The Slicer – The whole Inspector Gache will be coming back, but there will be a gap between The Silver Tart ending and the next section starting. The second part should start within this time period, all going well.


  • Working Title Pre Shaded Dragon – Over the festive break I managed to get a group together and we recorded (on a test basis) a pre Shaded Dragon radio play. Live streaming these is the goal but due to time conflicts I may have to record 3-4 at a time and Premier them on Twitch, with a live recording every month or so.
  • TLRK – This is in pre production and I am hopeful I can tell you more about it in the coming weeks / months.
  • Moving domain name – depending on what happens I am looking at moving this website from shadeddragon.com to a more generic policeofcake domain. My issue is I like the domain name. In either case around March I will be doing a little fund raiser to keep the site alive and kicking.
  • Twitch Stories – the plan here is to do some writing streams and build a story up with suggestions from Twitch chat (should anyone turn up). I will be attempting the first one on Saturday 8 Jan 2019, for those intrigued or interested!
  • Other stories, ramblings, etc – Although Inspector Gache will be my focus for the first quarter, it will not be my only writing endeavour! The eventual plan is to post something every day of the week (and up from there). Continuing serial Monday Wednesday and Friday to start, then adding Randoms every Tuesday and Thursday and then further additions from there.


So as the year winds down I would like to say a big thank you to anyone and everyone who has shown me support over the last six months or so. Twitch has gone from strength to strength and most of that is down to those who stop by and watch; to those who go above and beyond and drop or sub or lob some bits in my top hat or throw a donation my way I offer additional (but in no way superior) thanks! The kind gestures have been enough to keep me going (both financially and in other ways) and I can never state how much it means to me (and this is about as mushy as a British man can get).

It is my hope that by this time next year I will be sitting down to type yet another thanks, that my streams have grown better and bigger, that Inspector Gache may be near to catching that damn Birthday killer, that TLRK will be a thing and, if a certain broadcasting corporation in Britain cooperates, that my one finished project will eventually be shown to the masses! Heck, I may even a sandwich story or two along the way!

A big thanks once again. I wish you all a very happy 2019 and I hope to continue receiving the sass and dishing out the bantz for a long time yet to come!

À la perchoine ( Guernsey-patois meaning ‘until next time’)

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