Update and Apologies

First apologies. The Festive Period got a lot more expensive than I hoped so I had to pick up some video colour correction work. Sadly that meant the writing side had to be put on the back burner. That means Inspector Gache is on hold until the New Year, but there is more to know if you so wish!

What is already here for Gache is still correct. I am not starting from scratch or doing a reboot. It will continue, and it will do so more often and with more purpose. In order for me to do this I need to plan more than I normally would for the main story line, and put the more off the cuff stuff in the filler stories. I will go into more details over this early next year, but they are good and I think you will enjoy what I am doing!

But fret not – there will be writing posted here before the New Year! I have created a Festive story that I will start publishing very soon! I will release the date and post schedule in the next few days.

Twitch Plays / Podcasts – Sadly my local friends and I have not found a time to sit down and try one. Plan B might be for me to do a solo one just to test it out; or try and convince some Twitch Chat people to help. Not sure but I am still doing it!

Streams – For December I am doing more streams. I am not sure what the Bank Holidays will be like for me yet, but right now I plan to stream Christmas Eve as usual, Christmas Day Off and maybe a early stream on Boxing Day. Not 100% yet as I find out what family and friends want to do. Stay tuned.

Monday to Friday I will be doing my normal 2 hour minimum stream at 2PM GMT. In addition on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will be doing a 2 hour 10PM GMT stream and a 10am 2 hour stream on Tuesday and Thursday. There will be a Sunday 2PM GMT stream for D&D as and when we can.

Why am I doing more streams? Mainly cause I really enjoy them and I want to see if doing more is something I will also enjoy. But more importantly I need structure to my day that right now writing can’t give me. Streams on the other hand do, and as I plan to launch everything properly next year getting into a routine is key.

Thank you to everyone for your patience and support in this. These last few months have showed me this is something that could work if I put the time and effort in, so that is what I am going to do.

Cheers all

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