Inspector Gache Update + News

There will be no Inspector Gache post this week. Why? Have I thrown in the crumb filled towel? Did I get squirrelled? Is the moon passing through Uranus leading to a blockage in my creative process? Am I just a lazy git? No! Well, yes to the last one but that is not the reason there is no post! Read on to find out more (or don’t, you do you!)

I have been talking to a few people who take this idea of web serial stuff a lot more seriously then I have been. I will be honest here, I want this to become something that helps me keep on working on my own stuff, a small part of the puzzle that keeps the bankers off my back. I am not ready to do that yet, you are not ready yet, and my writing is not ready for that yet. Although I will never put up a pay wall, eventually I will be asking for financial assistance to keep this going (this is not just Gache btw, read on for more!)

Anyway – the point I meant to make above is that the first part of this puzzle is audience growth. It has been stressed to me that I should be posting every weekday, or at the very least Mon, Wed, Fri. So I have decided to move Inspector Gache to that schedule starting next week. It means I need more of a back log to keep the schedule up. Also, due to a massive miscalculation in story by yours truly it gives me time to sort out the mess before you even get to see it! A week off is good for the story, and then it will be back more often than before!

I have already talked about what I want to do with The Shaded Dragon and by extension my idea of Twitch Live Radio Plays (both local and using Twitch chat). I will do a more detailed post on this soon, but suffice to say progress is being made and I hope to do my first attempt at this in the next few weeks!

On the Twitch side generally, I want to do more. I enjoy doing it (which is a surprise to me) and although the 2PM GMT slot will always be game play, I want to try some more experimental streams too. I will be doing a writing stream at some point, along with a board game stream (solo to start but I have friends in the wings who will join if I move this forward).

Re the game play slot – I am looking into new games. Suggestions welcomed.

Along with members of Twitch chat I DM’d a D&D stream. It was a lot of fun and the group we have seems to be a nice mix. As long they are willing to play I am happy to keep spinning adventures for them to lumber through. I am hoping Sunday will become a regular D&D day for my stream. The more we play the more comfortable we all become, the more ‘me’ type elements I can add to the experience. The other big thing for me is Twitch chat involvement, but first the group and I need to be comfortable with the game before we add the random chaos that Twitch Chat might bring!

And I think that is it? A big thank you to anybody who supports me in anyway on anything I do, be it the site here, watching me on Twitch or just sassing me on Twitter, it all means a lot!

Cheers All

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