The Silver Tart – Part Six

The import section of Bakewell Street was a strange place to be. Technically and legally home to all imports into Cake Stand City the majority of the trade was illegal in some manner. That was not to say that everything being imported was an illegal good, but when an import duty was dodged or a cake allowed access to items not authorised for them, a legal good becomes illegal.

Bread knew he and Muffin had been sent here purely to be out of the way. Gache could have let them stay in the office but that was not his way. Bread also knew that Gache wanted his take on Muffin. So far his opinion was not very good.

“What are looking for here?” Muffin asked.

Nothing. He should just say that, an easy and true response to a genuine question. Instead he decided to be a bit of twat.

“The Slicer, or his importer contact.” Bread said.

“How will we spot them?”

How fuck would he know?

“Look for anyone who looks out of place.”

“What does that even mean?”

The annoyance was clear in Muffin’s voice now, and that amused Bread no end. Muffins were by there very recipe head heavy, which they assumed meant they must be smart. In truth Bread had met few Muffins he would consider smart, but to a tin each an every one was an ass hole. Lemon did seem different, but she was still a Muffin and that aura of self imposed self importance was still strong with her.

“Part of being a proper cop, Muffin, is just looking. If you are trying to see something that shouldn’t be here, you must first see what should. Look at the whole scene and tell me what you see.”

Muffin sighed but that was the limit of her resistance. Bread watched as she scanned the area.

“I see a barely controlled mess, a chaos of activity that should end in disaster but that somehow manages to get items from what I assume is some kind of warehouse district below onto the waiting carts up here. I also see that this level of chaos is somewhat put on for show, to better allow certain items to flow through back channels without the guards on duty being able to spot it. I also notice that although that very important looking Danish Pastry is designed to look like the one in charge, it is really that rather bookish looking Cannoli who is running the show.”

She had a good eye, or was remembering a report, but either way she was right. Eventually Bread would need to work out which was which, but for now just the fact she knew was enough.

“That Danish Pastry is known as Arthur, no one is sure why. The Cannoli has no name but reports to the Cassata himself. He is a very devious man, but the Cassata would not allow any business with the Slicer, so anyone or anything getting the nod from him can be ignored.”

Bread listened as Muffin kept on describing the scene, amazed that she missed something so obvious that eventually he just laughed out loud making her stop short.

“What?” She asked.

“Do you honestly see nothing out of the ordinary?”

Bread watched her scan the area, waiting for her to respond to something so obvious he was amazed when she didn’t. So amazed was he that he started pointing towards the thing, and she still didn’t spot it.

“What?” She said finally, clearly exasperated.

“On the left, see that Donut there?”


“See the other Donut three over?”


“See that is clearly a Rich Tea in an ill fitting donut suit?”

“Wait, what? Oh shit yeah! What do we do?”

“We follow him of course!”

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