Shaded Dragon Project (I need a new name)

This is a rambling news / update kind of post to try and give an idea of what it is I am going to try and do next year. This post comes after many discussions with many various people, and I think represents the beginning of my game plan. If you read this and have comments / questions / ideas, please do get in touch with me (Twitter and Discord links on this site). With all that out of the way, lets get into it, shall we?

First off, The Shaded Dragon is itself a concept and not just the title of my website. In a nutshell The Shaded Dragon is an old peoples home set in a fantasy universe that deals solely with ageing heroes. This was taken to Script stage for a pilot TV show, but due to some difficulties with other people attached to the project (*cough asshole director cough*), it is now back in my possibly capable hands. Can I take a pilot script and record a pilot? No. So, what next?

Basic plan – take that pilot script and produce it as something cheaper. Video is out of the question really, so what about a radio play? What about a live radio play? What about a live radio play recorded live on Twitch before a live Twitch chat? And what if we could somehow make the entire thing a little bit interactive and involve Twitch chat?

Suddenly we have an idea, but not one I can make work overnight. Not one I think the pilot script for The Shaded Dragon should be used for straight away. Why?

The Shaded Dragon is what it is. If I recorded it now, in any fashion, it would be a highly scripted show that was intended for TV. Producing it live on Twitch is an option, but it would simply be that. Yet I think it can be more, a highly scripted live Twitch play full of Twitch interaction and recorded and made with all of that in mind.

So, Cakey Boi, what is it you want to do? Want I want to do is research, create, grow and produce some semi / fully interactive Twitch Radio plays. What I need to do this?

Equipment and Talent are the two main things, but depending on the path taken what I need in each differs. Do you try and build a group of existing Twitch casters together and record something live with each on webcam? Or, do you build a cast of amateur local actors together and record and stream something from one place?  For now all I can do is shrug, but it a key question that needs to be answered.

The second big thing will be the Twitch interaction. Could you do live script changes? Plot development based on Twitch chat? A Twitch run soundboard? If any of these what would be the potential pitfalls and technical problems such a project would face? Trolling would be a big one for sure, and I’m sure there would be many others.

As the year roles on I will develop this further. I will need help, so if this idea tickles your fancy and you think you can help please do let me know. When I have a more final idea I will be pushing for funding, but we are a few miles away from that yet.

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