With Apologies to Twitch Chat

A Twitcher and his chat,
It got this caster thinking,
About a relationship solely virtual,
And what would happen if we went out drinking?

Serenity the Librarian
Guardian of words and spine,
Ponderer of the big decisions,
Such as beer or wine?

Un__owen the Canadian,
They have a drink in mind,
A mix up in the ordering,
They still reply ‘That’s fine’.

Zeppo the mostly lurker,
Creator of emotes and drinker of fine Vodka,
Tells us they may all be shit,
But still orders the Vodka.

Rydogg the would be streamer,
A Mod oh! so first rate,
Is already drinking Bourbon,
As he dreams of becoming an affiliate.
(follow him twitch.tv/rydogg1391!)

ChrisB the Angry Donut,
Exclaiming always ‘Mod Me’
For being the first to call me Cakey Boi,
Gets neither a drink nor a rhyme.

Rogu turns up late, me already at the bar,
To save on words and effort he waves at me, the host,
A most complicated drinks order, of what I do not know,
But one thing is for certain, it looks like ‘One Fat Ghost’

Hox ‘Big Daddy’ 13 is still yet to arrive,
Yet the clicking of his mic tells you he is near,
Seemingly from nowhere he talks into you ear,
Normally something very lewd then asks for an ice cold beer.

With order placed and drinks en-route,
There is the matter of tab,
As host it is my duty to pay,
Yet all I have in my pocket is one single clawed Blue Crab.

With pockets well and truly tapped,
And me feeling from dejection
Chat arrives with bits and subs,
And a little help from my Vinyl Collection.

All of this is to say thank you,
And apologise for The Dig,
A spade is not a shovel kids,
And nothing is better than a spontaneous jig!

This is also an abject lesson in why I don’t write poetry!

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