Update Oct 2018

Hello everybody – is me, PoliceOfCake. November is going to be a busy month for me, so I thought I would do a little update about stuff and things. I will break this down into 4 sections – Inspector Gache, Twitch, NaNoWriMo and The Shaded Dragon (project).

Inspector Gache

I am really looking forward to kicking this serial off. Due to some technical difficulties last week I was not able to post a couple more teasers. I was thinking of posting those this week but would rather would just start the serial instead.

In order to make the serial idea work, and so I can throw in other random shorts every now and then, The Happy Birthday Killer will be split into 12 distinct but interconnecting parts. Don’t worry, I have made sure this makes sense within the confines of the story as well. The first part starts tomorrow and will finish just before Christmas posting every Tuesday and Thursday. Towards the end I may need to post daily to keep the the before Christmas deadline, but we shall see.

As it is a serial I have not written the whole thing, but it is planned out. I am hoping to be able to react to user comments and add topical jokes as the weeks go by. It is part of the serial format I really want to embrace, but we will see how it goes.


I will be streaming every weekday from 2PM (now GMT). Games I am playing right now are Sam and Max Hit the Road and Northgard (with some Cuisine Royale and Quake Champions thrown in when I can). Basic schedule (for now) is Monday Northgard, Tuesday – Thursday Sam and Max (Point and Click adventure Game slot) and Friday whatever I feel like.

For the Point and Click slot after Sam and Max I have the first Gabriel Knight lined up, then Day of the Tentacle then Discworld Noir. That should see us through the year.

Ultima VII will also be coming to stream for a full play through, most likely on Mondays.


November is National Novel Writing Month and I will be taking part as usual (got to get my 6 year winner streak!)

Working title this year is ‘Multidimensional Murder Story’, so that should be fun. Brief note that I treat NaNoWriMo as a write whatever comes to me event, with maybe the tiniest thread connecting the bits I write everyday. I am not sure if I will post it here or not, but I will try a couple of early morning writing Twitch Streams to see how they go. Not well is my guess, but I want to try anyway.

The Shaded Dragon (project)

This is the big one, and the one I will say least on. This is my 2019 project, and in many ways my make or break project. Basics are an Old Folks Home in a fantasy world, written and produced as a ‘Live Radio Play’. More info to follow.

Cheers all


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