What the Hell is Happening?

Firstly, apologies for the lateness of this post; if I am honest I wrote one a week ago but rather than publishing it here sent it in as an article for another place I work. Luckily people know I am a little stressed after the whole dental fiasco (a story for another day) and laughed it off. Still, things have happened and I want to tell you about them!Firstly, the project has been moved from ‘throw people together and see who fails’ to ‘actual project’. Basically the suits like the idea and want me to flesh it out. Positive – it is now my project, the negative being it is now my project!

The order now is for ten scripts, each one running for roughly 25-30 minutes. Along with this there needs to be a show bible and outline of further shows / series. It is a lot of work.

Now a lot of people seem to think that because I have gotten this far I am rolling in dough. This is not true. What with unexpected dental bills, low pay for the gig and not really able to find another source of income right now, I am doing just okay (dipping into ‘Holy Shit how will I pay my bills territory every other day or so!) I am not saying this to whine, but to try and express that writing is not easy money, or good money, when you start. The process is long and hard, but my word do I enjoy it.

With that rant over, now that the project is ‘mine’ I can do more with it. Although any TV series will have to go through the people I am working for, any other media is still under my control. What this means is I can share more rough ideas, short stories, world building stuff with you guys. I am hoping you think this is a good thing!

I am also hoping to provide some insight into what doing this kind of work is like. Will people read it? Don’t know, but that ain’t going to stop me.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has shown support for this idea. To a writer any sniff of interest in what you are doing is like a giant hug, and I like hugs.

Cheerie for now!



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