Shaded Dragon – Working Post Wk 2

I have been asking the people I am working for if I can share a bit more about what we are doing and how we are doing it. I understand this will be boring for most, but if I can offer even one person a little distraction with these posts I will be happy.

They said I could but with a list of caveats. No trade secrets, no actual jokes, nothing that could get anyone into trouble. There are more but those cover most of them.

For those who don’t know I am working with a team of 15 (was 20, 5 are already gone) writers trying to create a new TV show. Our only guideline was Fantasy Comedy. We have roughly 8 weeks (6 after this) to come up with an idea, flesh it out with characters, locals, story arcs etc and then sketch out 10 episodes.

To be clear the point of the exercise is not necessarily ‘to make a TV show’, but rather would we be suitable to work in a writers room going forward. Yes it would be great if what we work on for this time is turned into something and a 8 week gig turns into 6 seasons and movie, but only time will tell. For further clarification it is hoped what we produce will be production ready (more or less), but we have no guarantee it will be produced.

The Shaded Dragon has been the name of this website for sometime, but the name has now officially been purloined for the project. Now we have decided on a Old Folks Home for Fantasy Heroes, The Shaded Dragon just seems to be such a good name for such a place.

I posted earlier a brief introduction. We may have only been going for two weeks but that piece is now so out of date it is untrue. Yet it was the introduction I pitched to the team and the one that made us decided to go down this road, so it seemed right to share here for anyone interested in following this journey (is journey too grandiose a term, should it be project? I honestly don’t know!)

So now the boring introduction is out of the way, let me update on a few things that have changed since the introduction, and some of the questions we are still arguing about.

First things first; the whole Wizards Tower unstable magic thing is gone. For a more story based show it may have worked as something, but for a show a week each show is mostly self contained but with character growth it just didn’t make sense. Will this idea come be reborn as something else? Maybe, but for now it is gone.

The idea of The Shaded Dragon being tax funded and having a privately funded rival is something we have rolled with with great gusto. We are all happy with The Shaded Dragon for the name of our main tax run location, but the rich one not so much. For now The Golden Sword is what we have, and we only landed on that as a place holder as none of us like it. Having our heroes have a rival place seems important, even if on a week to week basis it will not be shown.

Our main stumbling block is who the show is about. Yes we have decided on hero old folks home, but do we concentrate on the staff, the residents or a mix of the two. Do we concentrate on the fact the heroes are old or is it a launching pad to hear stories of their golden days, each story being the focus of each episode? For our residents do we try and find a famous hero of the archetype and age them, making references to one particular character or do we concentrate on the archetype and reference many famous examples?

The main goal for next week is to come up with characters, both staff and residents. I am hoping I can share some of the progress here, as well as brain storm in the open to give a little view on the process we are using.

I know this post is a little messy and jumps about, but I like that. This project is in the early stages and I would love to share how it takes shape,


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