November 1st – It Begins; Not Really

Here we are everybody, November 1st 2017. Here we start on the grand adventure to write 1,667 words a day to get to that coveted 50,000 word total! As always, I am behind! But that’s fine. Due to my approach of no planning or real thought to what I want to write, November 1st is a day of planning and thinking. Mostly thinking, cause I don’t have to show my working for that!The other side is preparation. My main piece of advice for those writing on a time budget is to make a time you sit down and write. This is NaNo, it doesn’t have to be good or make sense. Heck, this is writing! First drafts are where we get to know our characters and our story, second draft is where it should start to make sense! Well that’s how I work anyway, others may have very differing ideas!

So have I done anything to prepare for NaNo? I bought a new jar of coffee and some energy drinks. Oh, and some snacks. I joined a region that may or may not attract my local wrimos (we have no official region, how rude!)

Over the weekend (if not before) I will sketch out my story idea and start the writing. Heck, it may happen tonight if I can pull myself away from the gory fun that is Wolfesntein II. I sure hope that doesn’t colour my story in anyway…or do I?



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