Internal Memorandum from Dr Travis to Matron

Internal Memorandum – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Lope Institute
To Matron
From Dr Travis


As you know I spent many years trying to find a way to cure people afflicted with Mage Madness who had only ever mined the stone, as opposed to using it in earnest. You also know I never found such a cure.

During my travels I spent many years in Lime, as it was the biggest producer of Artex Stone during the peak of the Magic Madness. I do not know this Darius but did have a professional relationship with the boys mother, Abigail. She was a sweet young woman but was only truly blessed with money, not brains. Knowing what I know of genetics, minus the fact I do not the know the boys father, I am fairly confident that a cure has not been found.

With this in mind I am still open to the idea you suggest. It is possible that the patients in this trial were only exposed to a little of the dust, or maybe it could be the case that time has a healing status on those suffering. From a purely selfish point of view I am very interested to see if Mage Madness can be cured with time alone.

I suggest that we agree but on the proviso that every patient is cleared by me before being allowed to stay. We would of course need to ensure that all travel here, and back if needed, would be covered by Lope. He may be resistant to this idea as he will not know me as an expert in his field. I know from my own personal hubris that this could be a big issue. I have every confidence you can play this in a way that works for all of us.

Re my behaviour; I am working on it but I think it must stated I am a fairly naturally creepy guy. I am working on my staring, even though the majority time I am not staring at anyone or anything but rather lost in a dark tunnel of clear thinking.

With regards to Brother Bran, I take that as a joke. In no way should we ever end up in business with that man. He is a crook and a liar to boot. I would rather we employ a hundred knowingly recovering mad people from Lope then get into bed with that vicious beast. Purge the very notion from your mind, for we both know if he senses a faint whiff of opportunity he will be knocking at our doors.



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