Internal Memorandum from Matron to HR

Internal Memorandum – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Staffing Issues
To Abigail, HR Manager
From Matron


I have spoken to Dr Travis about his so called creepiness. Again I must stress he means nothing by it, he is just awkward around certain people. I am sorry he is making certain members of staff uncomfortable. I have asked him to try and work on this. In the mean time I ask that you try and schedule Dr Travis away from the staff who have issues with him.

Please note I am aware of your growing concerns around Dr Travis and I do take them very seriously. However right now Dr Travis is the only trained doctor who is willing to work here for the money we can offer. I know this is no excuse and I cannot use this as a way to ignore the problem. I ask that you do some research into some courses we could send Dr Travis on to improve his interactions with staff members. I have not mentioned this to him and stress you must not either. Let’s see what the options are first, then we can have the fight with Dr Travis over attendance.

Regrading the staffing issues I am talking with Dr Travis regarding the attached letter from Lope. I know you will have your concerns with this and I will of course listen to them. I will state here I am taking this proposal very seriously. If we need to sell it to the rest of the staff then I suggest we work together on a plan of action. Dr Travis is involved due to his experience with Mage Madness.

In relation to your idea of a clause in the contract that keeps staff here after training, please draft up some wording and send it to me. I am not sure we can use a standard contract with those from the Lope Institute, so you might want to think about drafting a special one for them as well.

As a side note I ask once again that you keep the language clean in official documentation, including memo’s sent between members of staff. We may share very similar feelings regarding the people over at The Golden Castle, but these kind of documents are not the place to voice them.



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