Confidential Memo from Matron to Dr Travis

Confidential Memo – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Behaviour

To Doctor Travis

From Matron


I have received yet another complaint regarding your ‘creepiness’. Yet again I am not sure what this means. Although Abby doesn’t mention it per se I am pretty sure it will have something to do with your natural predefined ‘attraction’ to the younger, female, members of the staff.

I know you mean nothing by it and that you have your ‘attraction’ under control. However if I receive more complaints like this I will have to look into them in an official capacity which means all the reports will be sent to HQ. We both know certain people are still looking for you and that they will eventually come here to check on these reports. Please do whatever you can to stop creeping out the staff.

On another note it has been brought to my attention that you feel you no longer have enough care workers to help you with your duties. With the recent rush of staff out the door to The Golden Castle I can see how this must be the case. Although I wish I could just recruit more our budget is already stretched thin and this is just impossible.

I have thought of seeking out Brother Bran regarding a loan. I would appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

As another alternative I attach a letter from the Lope Institute which could offer a much more reasonable way of filling out the staff roster. I know you have had experience with people suffering from the so called Mage Madness; could any be helpful to us?
I will be down in the next two days for my checkup. I know it is overdue but time is really against me at the moment.

As always please destroy this memo as soon as you have read it.



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