Internal Memorandum from HR to Matron

Internal Memorandum – The Shaded Dragon

Subject Staffing Issues

To Matron

From Abigail, HR Manager


I am sad to say that yet again I must report that we have lost another good staff member to the wankers across the courtyard in the Golden Castle. I really don’t know what their game is, but we have to stop paying to train these people up just for those asshats to swoop in and reap the benefits.

I have suggested before, and I know you do not like the idea, that we should include a clause in the staff contract that they must remain for four years after training or pay back the cost of the training. I think we must do this now, as rumours of our haemorrhaging cash flow are being spread far and wide.

I must also state that our staffing numbers are now dangerously low. Doctor Travis is now stating that he does not have the care staff to look after the number of heroes we now have in our care. I did not have the heart to tell him that we must grow this number to even cover the costs of the staff we have now.

On the subject of Doctor Travis one of my most received complaints is to do with his ‘creepiness’. I know you said you would have a word, and I do not mean to rush you, but I would appreciate some action on this part.

Re staffing levels Doctor Travis is not the only person complaining. The general attitude amongst the staff is low, bordering on rebellious. I know I do not need to remind you of the events of The Great Revolt ten years ago. Even the heroes we care for are noticing a decline in the level of care, and some are talking of maybe complaining to their families about this.

I hate to add all this to your plate, but we must find a new resource of staff soon and ensure we tie them in for a period that covers their cost.




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