A Letter to Matron of The Shaded Dragon

Dear Matron,

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Darius Lope, of the Lope Institute, named after my mother Abigail, who founded the institute over fifty years ago. I am doubtful you would have heard of us, as we are still very small and based on the other side of the twenty oceans in the small town of Lime.

As I am sure you are aware Lime was one of the major towns that mined Artex Rock, or Mage Stone as it became popularly known. I am also sure you are aware of the increasing coverage and link between madness and exposure to Mage Stone.

As a small town almost everyone either worked in the mine or was related to somebody who did. Therefore the percentage rate of madness in our town is exceptionally high. The Lope Institute was founded to try and help support anybody either directly or indirectly afflicted with the madness and support back to good mental health.
Sadly over the years we have become more a home for those so afflicted that their families can no longer look after them. This was not my mothers intention, but is the service we could provide that helped the town out the most. However I do try my hardest to keep my mothers initial dream alive and in this vein we have recently started a back to work rehabilitation programme.

It is to my mind a real sadness that I must write to an institution based so far away but I have been struggling to find anyone who will give these recovering people a try. News of your efforts in looking after the now unwanted once desirables reached these shores recently. As we work in the same kind of business I am hopeful you will be able to find it in your heart to give at least a few of our eligible patients a place to work and continue their recovery back to health.

I can assure you each person selected for the programme is hardworking, free of any psychosis that can induce violence and is 100% free of any dust that could spread the madness. The Lope Institute will of course cover the cost of all travel and provide a payment of 25 coins per week to help cover food and board. Our patients ask for no personal payment, and indeed we request that no such offer be made without our consent.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can start a successful partnership that leads to the better care of your heroes and the continued recovery of our patients.

Yours most kindly,

Darius Lope
Director Lope Institute


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