A Long Awaited Update

Hello again. I know some of you are still out there wondering what is going on in the world of The Shaded Dragon. Well, believe it or not quite a lot. Let me explain.

You may (or may not) remember that when updates stopped is was due to a serial I wanted to have done so I could publish from start to finish. This is done, all done! However, while working on this with a few other people I realised that how I started the story here did not work for the new format. 

Well, to be more clear, it was because of Tess. The story I worked out that created The Shaded Dragon was the story of Tess, but the story of Tess is not the story of The Shaded Dragon. Brining her in was a mistake, as the story will concentrate on her for the short time she is there. This is wrong. 

What does this mean? I am rewriting the start. The few posts that already exist will become an archive of version 1. Version 2 will start anew and lead into the serial. Tess will be gone, ready to appear when her story is due to be told. This way I can introduce the staff and residents of The Shaded Dragon in a nice clean way, launch into the first serial and then prepare the second. Relationships will change, as will a few back stories. It is all for the best.

The first post will be up next week. It is about bloody time 🙂


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