Shaded Dragon – Working Post Wk 2

I have been asking the people I am working for if I can share a bit more about what we are doing and how we are doing it. I understand this will be boring for most, but if I can offer even one person a little distraction with these posts I will be happy.

They said I could but with a list of caveats. No trade secrets, no actual jokes, nothing that could get anyone into trouble. There are more but those cover most of them.

For those who don’t know I am working with a team of 15 (was 20, 5 are already gone) writers trying to create a new TV show. Our only guideline was Fantasy Comedy. We have roughly 8 weeks (6 after this) to come up with an idea, flesh it out with characters, locals, story arcs etc and then sketch out 10 episodes.Read More »

The Shaded Dragon – First History Outline

The Shaded Dragon sits atop a large tree laden hill on the outskirts of the known kingdoms. It is not just one building, but rather a hodgepodge campus of buildings from various ages and cultures. The origins of the buildings are mainly lost to time and can only be spotted in the most fringe of folklore.

The origins of The Shaded Dragon are however much more clear cut. In a world inhabited by heroes there should be a place where they can go when they decide to hang up their armour for the last time. A paradise if you will, full of buxom wenches (and the most studly of males), a large bar with the finest of ales on tap (and of course wine and other beverages!), and stuffed to the rafters with the best medical care these heroes deserve. It is believed that this version of The Shaded Dragon lasted only a few months or, more precisely, until the first bill for running such a place was received by those picking up the tab.Read More »

Fort Riverside #1

Alexander stood looking out of his window, his gaze scanning the horizon from east to west. The fires of war still burnt, the scars of the wizards magics littering the view.

The years had been hard. Food was scarce and more people arrived at the shanty town just over the river everyday. Technically that town was not part of his concern, but Riverside was the last Fort Town still standing, and as far as he knew he was the last Patriarch still alive. That being the case everything this side of the mountain border was now his burden. It was a burden that needed to be shared.

Alexander was not a warrior, was not a paladin and in no way was he a leader. He was, for all intents and purposes, an accountant. His job had to been to keep tallies on the income from the people of the fort and those the fort protected and to ensure that that income covered the expenses of the fort. Income came in many forms, but the two basics were food and metal. Money was a relatively new invention, and with Riverside being the last fort standing, and was now relatively worthless. Keeping people fed he was good at; keeping their morale up and planning a strategic defence he was not.Read More »